Do you know what urolitin is? NMN Equol 9000


This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!

Now, pomegranate extract, the main ingredient of "MN Equol 9000".

"Urolithin" is an intestinal metabolite of a polyphenol called ellagic acid contained in this pomegranate.

Recent studies have shown that this "urolithin" is a food ingredient that can activate both the "sirtuin gene (longevity gene)" and "autophagy" at the same time.

In other words, it is a highly functional polyphenol that can increase the metabolism of cells and reactivate old cells with reduced function to regenerate them into youthful cells.


So how should we take urolithin?

Studies have shown that relatively high concentrations of urolitin are required to exert their effectiveness.
It is better to come into contact with cells at a high level of urolithin, but if you take only pomegranate juice, for example, you will have to drink several liters every day, which is an unrealistic method.

Therefore, it is more effective to take a concentrated urolithin, preferably like a supplement, and it is very easy to take in.

It is said that supplement level intake can be expected to have a very high anti-aging effect.

Also, the most important thing is continuity. Since urolithin is only a food ingredient, it is weaker as a function compared to medicine.

If only the weak portion is not taken for a long time, the effect will not last either.

In order to continue the effect, it is important to continue taking it for a long time.

NMN equol 9000 is efficient to deliver high concentrations of urolithin to cells! ☆

Just take 2 tablets a day to deliver 75mg of pomegranate extract to cells every day.

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