What is activation of the sirtuin gene? NMN Equol 9000

This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!
This time, I would like to tell you about the "sirtuin gene", which is said to extend healthy life expectancy 💜
 There is a gene called sirtuin, which is called the "longevity gene" or "rejuvenation gene".
 If this sirtuin gene can be activated, it is said that the mitochondria that produce the energy source in the cell will increase, and the abnormal proteins and old mitochondria in the cell will be removed and reborn 💛
The sirtuin gene is expected to be a dream gene that can extend healthy life expectancy 💓
 It is said that ingestion of NMN activates sirtuin genes and slows the rate of aging by converting them into in vivo substances (NAD+) that decrease with aging in the body 💖
Aging refers to the decline of bodily functions due to aging, but it is not considered inevitable because there are creatures that do not age.
And now, the latest research shows how to control aging 💓
In order to activate the sirtuin gene,Starvation and calorie restrictionThere is a way. But if starvation continues, of course, it will damage your health, and it will be difficult to practice in the first place, and it will be impossible to continue.
We are now in an era where not eating (causing starvation) activates the sirtuin gene, but by eating (ingesting).
In other words, we are living in an era where it has been found that NMN and pomegranate can be activated by ingesting them.
There's no way you can't take it.
I want everyone to live youthful, energetic, and beautiful days forever.
It is Rajnir's wish.

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