What effect can you expect pomegranate? NMN Equor 9000

Hello! This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!
Characteristic ingredient of NMN Equol 9000 "Pomegranate" 💖
The featured ingredient contained in pomegranate is "ellagic acid", which can be expected to have a whitening effect and an effect to prevent aging 💛
Ellagic acid is a type of natural "polyphenol" that is also synonymous with beauty ingredients.
Polyphenols are antioxidants produced by plants, which work to remove active oxygen produced by the body every day.
Active oxygen oxidizes skin lipids, so it is one of the leading causes of spots and wrinkles 😨
In addition, diseases such as hardening of the arteries and cancer may also lead to 😱
The proper intake of "ellagic acid", which leads to the prevention of these adverse effects, is important from both a beauty and health point of view. ✨
And the fact that ellagic acid has a whitening effect is also a point not to be missed for those who are interested in beauty ❓
In the beauty industry, ellagic acid is said to have the same whitening effect as hydroquinone, a component called "skin bleaching agent". 💓
The attention of many is the "anti-melanin effect" of ellagic acid.
As you know, melanin (melanin pigment) is one of the representative causes of blackening the skin.
Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight and the like activates melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin and is converted into melanin pigment by enzymes, which is the mechanism by which the skin becomes black.
Ellagic acid has the effect of suppressing the action of the enzyme "tyrosinase", which plays an important role in the mechanism of blackening this skin, and making it harder for melanocytes to be converted into melanin pigments. 💡
That is why the attention is focused on pomegranate, which is rich in ellagic acid.
I want to be well incorporated into my daily life with supplements. ☺

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