What effect can you expect from a pomegranate? NMN Equor 9000

This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!
A study has emerged by Queen Margaret University in England that pomegranates can help relieve chronic stress and maintain health. 💓
Pomegranate, which many people know is good for beauty, still has other unknown powers ✨
(1) Make it hard to stick fat
The study group reports the results of a study that makes it difficult to get fat in the abdomen with pomegranate.
(2) Disease prevention
Pomegranate has a strong antioxidant power, so you can expect the prevention of cancer and kidney disease.
(3) Beautiful skin effect
In addition to vitamin C, which is famous for its beautiful skin effect, it contains ellagic acid, which is also used in whitening cosmetics, so it leads dull skin to whitening skin.
(4) Improvement of menopause
Pomegranate, which contains one of the female hormones estrogen, also helps to balance the hormone and improve menstrual irregularities and menopause.
(5) Bust up
This, too, thanks to estrogen. You can expect a feminine body line.
(6) Swelling prevention
You can expect the elimination of swelling due to the potassium contained in pomegranate.
And the latest research has also found that the ingredient called "urolitin" produced by pomegranate in the body activates the youthfulness gene sirtuin 💖
Only NMN Equol 9000 can take pomegranate, NMN and Equol at the same time 💓
Please take this opportunity. 💜

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