Put the Pomegranate into everyday life! NMN Equor 9000

Hello! I'm Marachan, the manager of LaJunille!
Well, our body is made of 37 trillion cells.
Keeping each cell energetic and youthful is the key to preventing aging and maintaining health.
However, cells are daily damaged by external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and stress.
When garbage accumles or hurts in cells, it causes poor cell function and even cell death, which leads to aging phenomena such as spots, wrinkles, and body maladies.
Cells' reparative power decreases with age, so cell aging progresses significantly.
What should we do to increase the ability of cells to repair?
What should be noted there is "urolitin". It has recently been found out that the gut metabolite urolitin of ellagic acid, which is contained in pomegranate, activates both "sirtuin" and "autophagy".
Pomegranate, which is said to have once liked the beauties of the world, such as Cleopatra and Princess Yang, has a high antioxidant effect and is also called "female fruit" or "eating ruby".
It is ellagic acid, a type of polyphenol found in this super-fruit pomegranate, that is metabolized by the gut bacteria into a substance called "urolitin" when it is consumed by the body.
Among them, the substance "urolitin A" has been reported to have the effect of promoting cell repair and recovery and inhibiting skin aging.
How does urolitin A reactivate cells?
Two workings are involved in this: "autophagy" and "sirtuin gene".
· Autophagy
Autophagy is a Greek word for self-cleaning and eating, which refers to cell self-cleaning. It is said that this function decreases with aging. Specific effects of autophagy include
(1) Metabolism of cells
By breaking the substances that cause the function decline in the cells little by little and making them new, they promote the metabolism of the cells and keep the cells in good spirits.
Cleaning inside cells
The target is to collect and remove harmful substances in cells, such as pathogens and viruses that have entered the cells and active oxygen that causes aging.
· Activation of the sirtuin gene
Along with producing a sirtuin enzyme that is willing to repair DNA damaged by active oxygen, the sirtuin gene also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
In other words, it is also called a longevity gene because it has an anti-aging effect due to the activation of the sirtuin gene, which makes the cell well.
Urolitin A is used in the body and then excreted as urine.
I mean, you need to top it up every day.
However, it takes so much to take the necessary amount from pomegranate and other foods.
To continue every day, you end up with a slightly unreal story.
That is, with NMN Equol 9000, you can take 75 mg of pomegranate extract (a concentrated extract of pomegranate) in two tablets per day.
Super fruit "Pomegranate" that can activate both "sirtuin" and "autophagy" at the same time. Please try to take it well into your daily life with supplements.

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