The power of enzymes of pomegranates! NMN Equol 9000

This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!
"NMN Equol 9000" containing equol and pomegranate extract, which are good for women💓
Pomegranate extract contains multiple polyphenols and is a superfruit that can be expected to have various health benefits since ancient times 💖
Recent research results have shown that urolithin A, an intestinal metabolite of ellagic acid contained in pomegranate, has the effect of enhancing the expression of sirtuin genes 💛
In addition, pomegranate enzymes can be expected to have the following effects.

1. Increased blood flow and increased new black hair

Scalp vascular density compared to placebo (pseudoproduct).
At 16 weeks, capillaries increased and blood flow increased, laying the groundwork for healthy hair growth.
When we examined the number of new hairs that were grown, we found that the number of new hairs increased and the number of gray hair that grew decreased, which was a happy result.

Increased blood vessel density

Before ingestion is 1, and changes at week 16 are compared. The number of capillaries in the scalp of the group that ingested the fermented liquid increased 1.49 times, from 7.85 (capillaries/mm2) to 11.71 (capillaries/mm2), and the blood flow also increased.

Increase in new hair and decrease gray hair

The number of new hairs in the placebo group at 16 weeks was the same before intake, and the number of new hairs was compared at 100% each.

2. Supports youthfulness by regulating female hormones and intestines

Changes in physical condition and appearance are remarkable, and the symptoms of menopause progress at once... What I want people to try is care from the inside.
Based on evidence from component analysis and experiments, pomegranate enzymes have proven their anti-aging power.

For moisturizing and sagging skin

In a study among human clinical trial participants, improvements such as dryness and smoothness of skin, rough skin, and sagging under the eyes were reported.
For age skin with wrinkles and sagging, overdryness, rough skin, and the change of seasons.

Normalizes intestinal balance

Fermenting bacteria production substances are produced by fermentation of plants and other plants by the action of bacteria, which are a wide variety of nutritional components.
It is attracting attention for being easier to reach than taking lactic acid bacteria as it is, and for efficiently adjusting the intestinal environment.

Repairs cells and prevents aging

Telomeres are located at the ends of chromosomes and are shortened by cell division.
When telomeres become shorter due to aging or stress, cell division becomes impossible, and aging progresses.
Pomegranate enzymes have the function of repairing telomeres.

"NMN Equol 9000" contains the superfruit "Pomegranate" in addition to the ingredient "NMN" that activates the youthfulness gene sirtuin.
Only NMN equol 9000 can take "NMN", "pomegranate", and "equol" at the same time 💜

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