The power of lactic acid bacteria! NMN Equol 9000

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Equol Lactobacillus, the main ingredient of NMN Equol 9000™
Today we will bring you about the effects of lactic acid bacteria
Effect 1 Enterostomy
You all know that lactic acid bacteria have the effect of toning your stomach.
When lactic acid bacteria are bred in the intestine, it can be expected to have a gut-maintenance effect such as improvement of bowel movements
Lactic acid bacteria make the intestines acidic by making lactic acid, which reduces the growth of bad bacteria and makes the gut work active.
Effect 2. Reducing action of cholesterol
Some lactic acid bacteria have the function of lowering cholesterol
Cholesterol is a necessary substance for the body, but there are "good cholesterol" and "bad cholesterol" that work well, and it is necessary to pay attention to too much bad cholesterol.
It is thought that some lactic acid bacteria have a function of adsorbing cholesterol and lowering the concentration of cholesterol in the blood
Effect 3. Increase immunity
Some of the lactic acid bacteria have been found to have the effect of increasing immunity ☆ * "immunity" is a defense system that the human body has, so to speak.
When bacteria or viruses enter the body, immune cells recognize it as foreign and attack it, keeping the body normal. It has been confirmed that some lactic acid bacteria have the effect of activating the body's immune function.
Effect 4 Prevention of aging
Some lactic acid bacteria have been suggested to be able to prevent aging.
It is the experimental result that ageing was suppressed when given certain lactic acid bacteria to "pro-aging model mice," which have shorter lifespans than normal mice and develop various diseases associated with ageing.
Experiments have shown that ingestion after the onset of aging had an inhibitory effect
Key Ingredients of NMN Equol 9000 Equol Lactic Acid Bacteria™Contains 12 kinds of lactic acid bacteria
Lactic acid bacteria can not stay long in the intestine. The use of supplements is also effective to consume frequently.
NMN Equol 9000 contains pomegranate extract, equol and lactic acid bacteria in addition to NMN.
Let's easily take ingredients that can be expected to be effective for beauty and health into our daily life!

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