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Why has this NMN attracted so much attention?

It is

"Sirtuin gene"

, a new function of a single gene
It begins with what research has revealed.

What is the sirtuin gene (Sirtuin)

A gene that plays an important role in aging and longevity control

"Longevity gene"

Also known as .

By increasing the expression level of sirtuin

Many animal studies have been reported that it has the effect of leading to aging control

Clinical trials in humans are also underway.

Research on the sirtuin gene was established
In 2000, with Professor Leonardo Galente of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
It was a presentation of a research by Professor Shinichiro Imai of the Department of Developmental Biology, School of Medicine, University of Washington, who was a postdoctoral fellow in the lab at the time.

Two researchers focused on the yeast sirtuin gene (Sir2)

It was discovered that strengthening the completely new function of this gene prolongs the lifespan of yeast and shortens it when it is deficient, and the results were published in the scientific journal "Nature" and attracted attention.

What surprised the world was only one gene,

It was a fact that only the previously unknown new features were strengthened to extend their lifespan.

Subsequent research has shown that mammals now have seven types of sirtuins, from SIRT1 to SIRT7, each with different characteristics.

Of these, SIRT1 is considered particularly important.

SIRT1 stimulates the secretion of insulin, which lowers blood sugar levels,

Improves the metabolism of sugar and fat,

Protecting nerve cells and controlling memory and behavior,

It appears to be deeply involved in the control of aging and longevity.

How can we activate Sātui?

The key to this is a substance called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

NAD is intracellular

Coenzyme essential for energy production in mitochondria

It is allegedly responsible for activating sirtuins.

The amount of NAD in tissues decreases with age, but

If NAD can be increased,

It can be expected to have the effect of activating sirtuins and delaying aging.

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