The awesome chikara of NMN. NMN Equor 9000

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NMN Key Ingredients of Equol 9000 NMN
The reason that you do not change your eating habits and living habits, but as you age, your weight increases and your body shape becomes more plump than when you are young, is that your metabolism drops as you age.
Experiments with mice with NMN increased metabolism and also increased appetite in aging mice given NMN. However, the weight has decreased.
Mice also lose their metabolism as they age, similar to humans, and gain weight.
It was found that mice receiving 300mg of NMN daily had a 9% reduction in body weight compared to normal mice.
Likening it in humans would be the calculation that a 70kg man was more than 6kg thin. I just took NMN.
In addition, there was an increase in appetite than before, and even though the amount of food was increasing, the weight was losing.
It turns out that mice that ingested NMN burn fatty acids and turn them into energy, thus losing weight.
Taking NMN becomes a component called NAD in the body, which activates mitochondrial activity. Mitochondria are contained in all cells and are organelles that play a central role in energy production within cells and are also essential in muscle activity and development and maintenance.
On the other hand, it is known that with aging and disease, rapid atrophy of muscles develops when its function decreases. NAD helps us maintain its function.
It is believed that NAD activated the mitochondria responsible for metabolism, resulting in experimental results such as those in the mice above.
NAD itself is not taken into the body.
It is necessary to consume NMN, which is a direct precursor of NAD.
Please take this opportunity to incorporate NMN into your daily life.

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