What is the anti-aging effect of NMN? NMN Equor 9000

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Here are some of the effects actually seen with the administration of NMN to mice.
In an experiment with 22-month-old mice, the mice given NMN went into a condition equivalent to six months of age, had a preserved body metabolism and did not gain weight in middle age, and moved as actively as they did when young, with skeletal muscle, liver, anti-aging effects were seen, such as the reduction of age-related genetic changes in fat.
Results of giving NMN to mice
● Kept in the same way as when the metabolism was young
● Middle-aged did not get fat
● Age-related genetic changes such as liver and fat were suppressed
When the age of a mouse is applied to the age of a human, 22 months is 60 years. Six months will be the equivalent of 20 years!
For this reason, NMN is attracting attention as a rejuvenating component with anti-aging action.
NMN with great potential
By all means, take it well into your daily life and get back to your energetic self.

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