NMN Equor 9000. What's so amazing?

Hello! This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!
By the way, we will continue to use the amazing NMN Equor 9000 today.
Ageing care from now on is an era of active aging that reactivates the functions of cells that are fading as we age, and keeps our youthful bodies forever.
NMN Equol 9000 contains the next generation of aging care ingredients NMN and Equol Lactobacillus™Only pomegranate extract is carefully formulated to support active aging of everyone.
Research in recent years has revealed the characteristic polyphenolic power of pomegranate.
In particular, the gut metabolite of pomegranate, "urolitin", has been found to double-approach "autophagy (cell self-cleaning)" and "sirtuin (longevity gene)" and activate cells.
There are surprisingly many foods that act on sirtuins, but there are few other ingredients that act on autophagy.
And Equor works on the shaking minds and bodies of menopausal women, bringing back happy every day. Not only that, but also the effect of improving wrinkles has been proven.
Please enjoy NMN Equor 9000 as your active aging partner.
If you are interested in choosing a regular flight, you can try it for the first time for 4,970 yen.
There is no binding of the number of times, so feel free to try not fit your body!

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