The main ingredient of NMN Equol 9000 Pomegranate!

Hello! This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!
Well, the main ingredient of NMN Equol 9000 pomegranate extract.
There is "urolitin" in the gut metabolite of the polyphenol called ellagic acid contained in this pomegranate.
Studies in recent years have revealed that this "urolitin" is a food ingredient that can simultaneously activate both "sirtuin genes (longevity genes)" and "autophagy".
That means it's a highly functional polyphenol that can boost cell metabolism, as well as reactivate older cells with reduced functions to be reborn into youthful cells.
It's amazing.
So how should I take uroritin? 
Studies have found that it is relatively necessary to have urolitin in high concentrations to have that effect.
It is better to contact cells with a high level of urolitin concentration, but if you consume only pomegranate juice, for example, you will end up with a calculation that you will not have to drink for many liters every day, so it will be an unrealistic method.
That is why it is more effective to consume something enriched in urolitin, preferably like a supplement, and it is very easy to incorporate.
It is said that if you take a supplement level, you can expect a very high anti-aging effect.
Also, the most important thing is continuity.
Since urolithin is only a food ingredient, it is weaker as a function compared to medicine.
Only weak minutes, if you do not take it for a long time, its effect will also not last.
In order to have a lasting effect, it is important to continue feeding for a long period of time.
NMN Equol 9000 is efficient to deliver high levels of urolitin to cells.
Just drink two tablets a day with a guide, and 75 mg of pomegranate extract can be delivered to the cells every day.
Youthful from the cells!
The NMN Equor 9000 starts at 4,970 yen!
Please try.
Rajeunir store manager Marachan

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