What is NMN, the main component of NMN equol 9000?

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NMN, the main component of NMN equol 9000, is a component called nicotinamide mononucleotide, which is classified as β vitamin B3 group.
NMN is thought to provide energy to the longevity gene (sirtuin gene), and various anti-aging effects can be expected.
As an intermediate of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NAD+), which is important for cellular energy production in vivo, NMN is deeply involved in regulating energy metabolism, DNA damage repair, gene expression, and stress response in mitochondria.
In addition, since NMN activates the sirtuin gene (longevity gene), it can be expected to have effects such as restoring youthfulness, physical strength, and increasing metabolism. In addition, it has various effects such as anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and brain function improvement effect, so it supports the creation of a healthy and youthful body.
When we exercise, muscle cells consume ATP (the energy currency of the living body) to move muscles. ATP is produced in an organ called mitochondria, and the higher the amount, the more it is possible to keep the muscles moving for a long time without getting tired. It has been reported that NMN intake improves ATP production in mitochondria.
With aging, functional decline in skeletal muscles, liver, pancreas, skin, adipose tissue, brain, etc. becomes remarkable, and NMN works to suppress the decline in function of these tissues. In terms of brain function, the effect of NMN intake on rats with impaired memory was verified and published in a paper in 2016.
Due to the antioxidant effect of NMN and the effect of repairing DNA, it can be expected to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and maintain the skin beautifying effect.
In 2021, the results of a study on the UV protection effect of NMN using mice were reported.
NMN intake was shown to be very effective in maintaining skin condition.
NMN is truly a miracle next-generation aging care ingredient.
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