Features of NMN Equor 9000 were summarized.

Hello! This is Maru-chan, the manager of Rajnir!
Today, a summary of the features of the new concept NMN Supplement NMN Equor 9000.
· A high level of content of 300mg per 2 grains per day was achieved
The life-limit amount of niacin (NMN is a type of niacin) in adults according to the "Japanese dietary intake standard (2020 version)" is said to be up to 250-350mg per day.
The female body is relatively small compared to men, so the intake of 300mg per day is considered to be the optimal intake to feel comfortable and effective.
· "Equol lactic acid bacteria™", The manufacturer's patented ingredient" Equol Lactobacillus "contains 100 billion pieces/g of lactic acid bacteria. The lactic acid bacteria fermented extract used in the production process is a compound culture of 12 kinds of lactic acid bacteria.
· Pomegranate fruit is said to be a super fruit for women since ancient times, and it can be said to be effective for care according to the age of women, because it is rich in multiple polyphenols.
NMN is also found in green-yellow vegetables such as broccoli and tomatoes and avocados, but its content is very small. From food can hardly be taken. Equol Lactobacillus is a unique ingredient that can ingest Equol and Lactobacillus at the same time. And pomegranate can only be found at a very limited time of year, and it can not always be said that it is easy to get fruit.
These rare ingredients are generously formulated
"NMN Equor 9000"
Only "NMN Equol 9000" can take these three ingredients in two grains a day.
At the test price of Sehi 4,970 yen, why not experience energetic days.

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