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      Monthly magazine released on February 28, 2023" CLASSY. Introduced our company supplement "NMN Equor 9000".
     Spring is almost there. Prepare for your Haritsuya Spring debut, would you like to start with "NMN Equor 9000"?
Here is the video broadcast
It was covered by the TV show "Girls Happy Style".
We talk about "NMN Equor 9000" without a margin.
Please look at the broadcast video from QR code by all means.
The company's supplement, "NMN Equor 9000", was introduced in the monthly magazine "Natural Life" released on September 20, 2022.
Our NMNs are manufactured by the enzymatic method. Because all materials are derived from food, you can take them into the body with peace of mind.
The company's supplement "NMN Equor 9000" was introduced in the quarterly magazine "CREA" and "Autumn Beauty Special" released on September 7, 2022.
There are words to say, "In summer a person is five years old," but let's put the clock hand back before the summer with the NMN Equor 9000.